The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide to Dildos


Don’t make the mistake of thinking amazing insertive sex toys start and stop at vibrators. Dildos can be just as enjoyable when you’re in the right mood. They’re also so much more than just a great way to take your solo sessions to the next level. They can help you explore new sensations and push boundaries with a play partner as well.

The sheer number of options out there on the market these days can make choosing the right dildo for you pretty challenging though. Here we’ll touch on what a dildo actually is, as well as list some of the different types of dildos out there. We’ll discuss the positives and negatives of each one. We’ll cover what to keep in mind as you shop for your dildo to ensure a purchase you’ll be happy with as well.

What Exactly Is a Dildo Anyway?

If you’re interested in adding a dildo to your toy collection but aren’t exactly sure what a dildo is (and isn’t), we’re about to break it down for you. A given sex toy doesn’t have to be penis-shaped to be a dildo (although many are). The term “dildo” can actually refer to any sex toy that’s used to bring pleasure through penetration and has been designed as such. 

A dildo usually differs from similar options (i.e. dongs and probes) in that it features a base of some sort. While you can definitely simply hold and control your dildo manually, bases bring additional versatility to the mix as far as how you can use your toy. Many dildos are strap-on compatible, making them especially great for partnered play. Others feature suction cups that open the door to hands-free play you can enjoy on your own or with someone else.

Beyond that, anything goes as far as what any one dildo can bring to the table. Dildos can be made of many materials including silicone, metal, glass, or plastic. They can be long or short, thick or petite, lifelike or completely non-representational. Some dildos are designed solely for anal or vaginal use while others can be used for either or both. There are even dildos that vibrate, rotate, or come specially designed to provide a particular type of stimulation.

Realistic Dildos


When most people picture a dildo, the realistic variety is usually what comes immediately to mind. They’re designed to look and feel just like real penises to varying degrees thanks to details like protruding heads and lifelike shafts. Many even feature bases designed to look like balls, sculpted veining on the shaft, or dual-density construction that makes them firm on the inside, but soft on the outside just like the real thing. 

Pros: Realistic dildos, especially the really advanced ones, do a great job of mimicking everything you already like about actual intercourse with a real penis. This makes them ideal for people that value lifelike experiences. Realistic dildos are also great fits for pegging or any type of play that involves role reversal.

Cons: Realism isn’t necessarily right for everyone. Play partners that aren’t sexually interested in penises can find this type of dildo intimidating or off-putting. It’s also not unheard of for some people to feel jealous over the dimensions or satisfaction capabilities of their loved one’s realistic dildo. 

Vibrating Dildos



If you like the idea of adding a dildo to your repertoire, but also dig the additional sensation a vibrator brings to the table, you’ll definitely want to look into vibrating dildos at some point. They’re exactly what they sound like – versatile, highly stimulating, penetrative toys that look and feel like other types of dildos, but bring the extra magic of vibration to the table.

Pros: Vibrating dildos are great for people that often like their play to go beyond simple penetration in the stimulation department. They also come in a variety of different speeds and designs, so there’s definitely one for everybody.

Cons: Like other types of vibrating toys, vibrating dildos do require either batteries and/or access to electrical outlets, which some people find inconvenient. The more powerful models can also be loud, making discreet use in certain situations difficult.

Huge Dildos



Some people definitely prefer smaller, less intimidating proportions when it comes to their insertive dildos, but others really are all about size. Huge dildos are made with size lovers in mind, the better to deliver that wonderful feeling of being filled up. Some are extra-long, others are extra-thick, and still more are both. Huge dildos can be just big enough to mimic a naturally well-endowed man’s penis while others are fantastically and drastically over-sized.

Pros: If you like your insertive toys big, a dildo marketed as huge, giant, or over-sized is definitely something to consider. Huge dildos can also provide an interesting new experience for play lovers that want to be challenged.

Cons: Huge dildos can be too much for some people to manage. They can also be too large and too intimidating for people that have petite builds or that are very new to insertive sex toys.

Extreme Dildos



The term “extreme” can cover a lot when it comes to the shape or design of a given dildo. However, it’s usually safe to assume that an extreme dildo extends well outside the boundaries of what you can expect to find on a natural man. Some dildos are considered extreme solely because of their colossal size. Others are designed to mimic the possible anatomies of fantasy characters, to look like fists, or to have unusual shapes meant to be extra stimulating. 

Pros: Extreme dildos can be fantastic for role play scenarios or for bringing some of your more unusual fantasies to vivid life. They can also be a fun departure for play lovers that feel like they’ve tried everything and want a new experience.

Cons: As with huge or over-sized dildos, extreme dildos can be intimidating or off-putting to the wrong person, so keep this in mind if you’re planning on using yours on a partner.

Anal Dildos



Whether you’re thinking about exploring anal stimulation for the very first time or have been into “butt stuff” for a while, it’s important to make sure you’re using the right toys for the job. Anal dildos are just like standard dildos, only they’re made especially for backdoor use, meaning they contain only anal-safe materials. They also include special design features that prevent them from becoming lost or stuck inside the user or accidentally causing any sort of harm.

Pros: You can use them for their intended purpose with absolute confidence that you’re being safe and responsible with your body (or your partner’s). Many are also specially designed to maximize pleasure during anal stimulation in particular.

Cons: As is the case with any other type of specialty dildo, not everyone will enjoy having an anal dildo used on them. Make sure your partner is into anal play before introducing an anal dildo to the mix.

Strap-On Dildos



Dildos can be a fantastic way to take solo play to the next level, but they can be wonderful ways to explore new territory with your partner as well. Many standard dildos are designed to be harness compatible. All you need is an actual harness to start experimenting! There are also many options that come built into the harnesses already, as well as strapless strap-on dildos that don’t require a harness at all.

Pros: Strap-on dildos are ideal for couples that want to experiment with pegging, strap-on sex, role reversal play, and lots more. 

Cons: Strap-on play isn’t for everyone, so make sure your partner is comfortable with it before bringing a strap-on dildo into the bedroom.

Cloned Dildos



Have you ever wished you could own an exact replica of a particular penis to help make solo time with yourself or a partner a little more exciting? If so, you should definitely be aware that cloned dildos are a thing. There are do-it-yourself kits you can use to create a detailed, lifelike replica of your significant other’s penis. There are also dildos out there created from life casts of real porn stars or celebrities to enjoy.

Pros: Cloned dildos make wonderful options for people that are in long-distance relationships or that otherwise spend a lot of time apart. Celebrity options can be amazing ways to help make personal fantasies come true.

Cons: Dildo cloning kits are convenient, but can be pretty challenging to work with. Celebrity dildos can sometimes cause jealousy problems in relationships where one partner isn’t comfortable with the idea.

G-Spot Dildos



There’s nothing like a powerful G-spot orgasm when you’re really looking for a toe-curling experience! Whether you’ve been into G-spot stimulation for a while now or are still hoping to discover your personal sweet spot one day, a G-spot dildo can definitely help. G-spot dildos are specially designed to accurately locate, target, and stimulate this underappreciated hot spot.

Pros: G-spot dildos leave little to no room for error when it comes to not only finding the G-spot, but stimulating it. So long as they’re also anal-safe, many G-spot dildos also do excellent double duty as targeted P-spot (prostate) stimulators.

Cons: The unique, curved shape of a G-spot dildo can make it a challenge to actually insert. They may also not be the best option for those that want a really versatile option.

Glass Dildos



If you love dildos but are really looking for something different, you might want to try a glass dildo at some point. Glass dildos come in a variety of unique shapes and designs. Some of those designs are quite artistic and beautiful to look at, making them popular items to collect. Glass dildos also lend themselves well to temperature play, so they’re awesome fits for people that like to experiment with different sensations.

Pros: Glass dildos are easy to warm or cool, the better to bring extra stimulation to the mix for adventurous play lovers. They’re also so durable and practical that they can literally last a lifetime if they’re well taken care of.

Cons: Some people find the rigidity and slickness of a glass dildo to be undesirable, so it may not be right for those that prefer more lifelike options.

Double Dildos



Double dildos are extra long and double-headed to bring even more play possibilities to the table. To begin with, their unique shape and ample length make them ideal for experiencing mutual stimulation with a partner. Some double dildos also feature different textures on either end, making them great ways to get two different experiences out of the same toy. Double dildos come in a near limitless range of options when it comes to size, thickness, design, and material.

Pros: Double dildos are absolute musts for couples that both love being penetrated and want to experience it simultaneously. Their extra-ample length also makes them perfect for play lovers that love deep penetration.

Cons: Their size and length can make double dildos intimidating to people that prefer more petite toys. They can also be more difficult to store, hide, or travel with.

Choosing the Right Dildo for You

Now that you know the basics as far as what types of dildos are out there on the market today, you’ll need to figure out which exact choice is the best pick for you. Start by considering the most important factor – the material. Your choice will dictate how you’ll be able to use your toy, as well as what you’ll need to do to take care of it. Looking for something you won’t have to replace for a while (if ever) and that’s a cinch to take care of? Go for tempered glass or metal. Want something deliciously flexible or lifelike? Try silicone, TPR, or TPE instead. 

Next you’ll want to decide what makes the most sense for you from a practicality standpoint. To begin with, size really does matter, so be sure to double-check the girth and insertable length of each dildo you’re considering. You’ll also want to think about how large an investment you want to make in your new dildo. There are lots of awesome options out there for affordable prices the fit into any budget, but sometimes you just really feel like treating yourself to something that pulls out all the stops. Explore the possibilities today!