7 Ways to Keep Your Sex Life Steamy While Staying with Family

Now that the holiday season is officially upon us, it only makes sense that you’re excited. This is the time of year we get to connect with some of the people we love most in the world, but perhaps don’t see much the rest of the year. For a lot of us, that means going home for the holidays to be with our families and enjoying life as the guest for a change, as opposed to playing the host as usual. 

Staying with family does come alongside its share of challenges though – like sharing a limited number of bathrooms with your entire extended family or keeping your sex life active with little to no privacy. Thankfully, it is possible to keep things hot and exciting, even with your siblings, parents, and grandparents all under the exact same roof for days (or weeks) at a time. You just need to be a little more creative and resourceful than usual.

  1. Don’t limit yourself to sex in bed.

Most people figure they’ll take care of the privacy problem by waiting to have sex until they’re in bed at the end of the night. However, nothing reminds you how noisy beds can actually be quite like staying in a room with nothing but a paper-thin wall in between you and your no-nonsense grandparents. If the headboard doesn’t absolutely insist on banging rhythmically against the wall, then you can bet the mattress will squeak like nobody’s business, right?

Thankfully there’s no law that says you have to have sex in bed just because you’re in the bedroom. Try doing it sitting up in the armchair across the room or against the wall instead. Alternatively, you can spread the blankets out on the carpet and enjoy some sweet lovemaking followed by cuddle time there instead. 

  1. Revisit the idea of car sex.

The whole point of going home for the holidays is reminiscing about the past and revisiting old traditions, right? Sure, part of that means going through old photo albums with your siblings or hanging your favorite childhood Christmas ornaments on the tree with your mom. If you’re game though, it could mean getting back in touch with your adventurous (and very creative) teenage years as well.

Cars are bastions of teenage passion for a reason. They’re mobile and they’re relatively private to name just two advantages. All you have to do is seize opportunities as they come to you. Volunteer to pick up takeout for the entire household on an especially busy night and pause for a quick and dirty bang session in the back seat before you head home. Take a detour on the way home from shopping to a secluded area and do what comes naturally. You get the picture.

  1. Make other people’s routines work for you.

If you’ll be staying with your family long, you’ll eventually get a feel for the natural rhythms of the household. Maybe mom and dad are into taking long walks after dinner these days. Perhaps your sister-in-law and her family disappear for an hour right after breakfast to hit the gym without fail. Whatever the case may be, be sure to take advantage of times the house will be empty (or mostly so). It may be easier and more discreet than simply waiting for bedtime.  

Alternatively, you can volunteer to stay home and start dinner or watch the young children of the household while everyone else goes out shopping or to a movie. Once dinner’s in the oven or the kids are down for their naps, you’re free to enjoy your alone time to your heart’s content. Not in the mood to have sex right then? Enjoy some cuddle time or a sweet, intimate talk instead. Any type of quality time spent as a couple is worth enjoying whenever possible.

  1. Slip quietly away whenever you can.

You don’t necessarily have to wait for everyone to leave the house to get in a little extra alone time though. You can just as easily take advantage of those moments that find everyone gathered together and completely preoccupied with a specific activity. Not as interested in Sunday night football or that annual Bridget Jones movie marathon as the rest of your family is? Slip away quietly for some alone time while everyone’s focused on the on-screen action instead.

Parties are also packed with opportunities to duck out for a few moments of alone time. Wait for everyone to arrive and for the festivities to really pick up. Then scurry away together to your bedroom, the attic, or even a dark corner of the back yard for a little pick-me-up. You’ll most certainly have time for a quickie or a nice, neat blow job before anyone notices you’re missing.

  1. Invest in some cleverly discreet sex toys.

Do you and your partner absolutely love playing with toys under normal circumstances? Don’t make the mistake of assuming you’ll have to leave any and all playthings at home just because you’ll be staying with family over the holidays. In fact, holiday travel to see family is the ideal excuse to go shopping for some awesome new items made with discretion in mind.

For instance, there are portable mini vibes out there that look indistinguishable from everyday items like rubber duckies, lipsticks, or thumb drives. Your mother-in-law or grandma won’t even realize she just saw your sex toy if she stumbles across it while changing your bed linens. There are even sex toys designed to look like and be worn as necklaces, bracelets, or rings as well – perfect for making a helpful outing to pick up more milk or eggs for the holiday baking a little more buzzworthy. 

  1. Plan a personal gift exchange.

Yes, when you’re home for the holidays, you’ll probably be sharing most of your big moments with the rest of your family and that’s as it should be. That hardly means you can’t exchange a couple of more intimate gifts in private with your partner though. Consider buying each other two gifts instead of just one – one item to be opened as part of a communal gift exchange and another to exchange as a couple a little later on at bedtime.

If you like, you can decide beforehand that your private gifts should be spicy in nature to add to the fun. Think scented massage oil, new sex toys, racy lingerie, or some vintage erotica to read together before sexy time! Not only does this help facilitate any sexy time you do get to partake in, but it gives you both time to decompress from all the hectic holiday energy as well. 

  1. Always be prepared.

Who knew that old adage you learned in Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts would stick with you the rest of your life, right? Staying sexy and satisfied when you’re bunking with relatives is largely about being ready to seize any opportunity that comes your way, so definitely be prepared. 

Keep a few condoms, wet wipes, travel-sized lubes, or portable sex toys stashed in your purse or glove compartment so you’ve totally got them on hand when you need them at a moment’s notice. You never know when the mood (or an unexpected stroke of luck) might strike! What better way to keep your holiday merry, festive, and bright?