10 Things Women That Are Good in Bed Have in Common

While sexual goals in general can vary drastically from woman to woman, there’s at least one we all have in common. Every last one of us wants to be thought of as good in bed. We want to be the type of women lovers think wistfully back on over the years. We want our current partners to feel satisfied with what we’re throwing down in the bedroom for sure. 

In other words, knowing you want to be good in bed is easy. It’s figuring out what that means that can be challenging. So… what does make a woman good in bed? Naturally, different people will like different things in a sexual partner. However, the following are all traits widely considered to be common in all women that are also considered good in bed. How many can you check off the list?

  1. They’re slow to judge.

Everyone has their own personal set of sexual fantasies and preferences that could maybe be considered “outside the box”. We only ever think of other people’s as “weird” or “perverted” though. That said, if you’ve ever had a partner share a kink or a fantasy with you and your first instinct was to actually consider it instead of going “yuck… no”, you’re probably considered good in bed. Women others want to take to bed are adventurous and open to new ideas more often than not.

  1. They’re also comfortable saying no.

Being willing to color outside the lines in the bedroom every so often is a good thing, but always going along just to get along really isn’t. If something your partner wants to try really touches on one of your hard limits, it’s more than fine to say no. Sexually empowered, highly desired women don’t necessarily feel the need to be as into something as their partner is every single time they experiment. They do know how important sexual honesty really is. If your curiosity and enjoyment aren’t going to be genuine, it’s actually sexier to simply pass.

  1. They initiate sex.

No one really likes always being the one to initiate sex with their partner. It’s too easy to assume the person’s only having sex with you right now because you wanted to have sex. After a while, you could start to wonder whether your partner really desires you at all. Women that are good in bed don’t buy into the outdated notion that it’s somehow unladylike to want sex. They own their sexuality and aren’t afraid to initiate sex with their partners when they’re in the mood as they enjoy having great married sex every time they’re in the mood for it.

  1. They have real orgasms.

Or they, at the very least, don’t fake them on the regular. Most women have faked it now and then, so it’s unlikely you’re an exception, but… remember what we said about sexual honesty? Your partner wants to please you in bed as badly as you want to please them, but they’ll never actually learn how if they think what they’re already doing is working for you. Plus, real orgasms are way too good to miss out on. If you don’t know what type of touch makes you have one, it’s time to find out (either on your own or with the help of the right toy).

  1. They have a healthy body image.

Even the most beautiful, well-kept women have days when they’re not exactly feeling themselves. You don’t necessarily have to feel like the hottest, sexiest thing on two legs to have a healthy body image though. Ultimately, a woman who accepts herself, wobbly bits and all, is a lot sexier and more desirable than a positively flawless woman who doesn’t. Sexy women that are good in bed are comfortable enough in their own skins to allow themselves to be looked at, touched, and admired for the goddesses they are.

  1. They think coming to bed is worth dressing up for.

Think back to those first few nights you ever spent with your partner. Chances are you put a lot of thought into what you had on underneath your clothes and ultimately wore to bed, right? Women who are good in bed never grow out of that mindset the way so many others do. They’d go commando before they let their partner see them in that old, tired pair of granny panties they’ve had forever. They don’t go to bed in torn t-shirts and stained sweats either. They continue to think of intimate time with their partner as something special that’s worth dressing nicely for.

  1. They know variety is the spice of life.

Humans like and crave a little variety in their life. Imagine eating nothing but pizza for dinner every single night for the rest of eternity. You’d get pretty tired of pepperoni after a while, even if it’s your absolute favorite. Sexy women know having enough great sex the same way in the same position under the same exact circumstances every single time becomes just as tiresome. They go out of their way to switch things up, not only for their partner’s sake, but because they like a little variety from time to time as well.

  1. They know (and ask for) what they like.

Fun, stimulating sex is sex that finds both partners getting what they want out of the experience and walking away satisfied. Sex like that doesn’t happen in a vacuum though. You have to not only know what you want but be comfortable communicating it to your partner. Women that are good in bed aren’t afraid to do exactly that, so it’s time you learned to do the same. Do you wish your partner would handle foreplay different? Want to see what happens when the two of you use your vibrator together? Craving a little roleplaying or maybe even a brisk spanking? Tell your partner how hot it would make you if they obliged you.

  1. They enjoy both giving and receiving.

Lots of people believe that you can tell a lot about someone’s bedroom personality by how they approach oral and they just might be right when you think about it. Some people are great at receiving. Others are masters at giving. Women that are eager to do both are the ones most commonly thought of as good in bed. That said, it’s great to be a generous lover that wants to make sure the other person walks away satisfied, but don’t forget to enjoy yourself in the process.

  1. They’re not afraid to give feedback.

Have you ever had a sex partner that not only never made a peep in bed, but never offered any sort of feedback as to whether they even enjoyed what just happened between the two of you? If you have, then you already know how unsettling it can be. It’s also highly unlikely you thought of that person as good in bed. People that are good in bed moan a little when they like what’s happening. They give direction in a casually naughty way to help their partner please them. They make sure their partner hears about it when it was totally good for them too. In other words, they embrace the fine art of tactful feedback. Try it and see for yourself!