10 Healthy Sex Tips Everyone Should Be Following

Even the hottest and sexiest among us can always afford to be even better at sex, right? There’s always something new to try or a little nugget of sexual wisdom to incorporate into how you do things. The following are just a few tips to keep in mind for not only having better sex, but taking better care of your sexual health and overall wellbeing as it relates to sex as well.


  1. Sex doesn’t end with his orgasm.


If you are a man, have sex with men, or both, this one’s for you. Selfishness in the bedroom is never OK and shouldn’t be tolerated – not from a partner and not from yourself, regardless of your gender. Sex and love play should always feel like a win-win to everyone involved, so stop settling for anything less.


  1. Go with the flow.


Yes, sex should be something you take seriously, but it’s important to relax and enjoy the ride as well. Everyone has the occasional romp that doesn’t go as planned and literally every sexually active person out there has had something embarrassing happen in the bedroom that probably still makes them blush when they think about it. Just keep in mind that it’s not a big deal, laugh it off, and get back to enjoying yourself.


  1. Baby wipes are your friends.


If you’re like most, you probably like to clean up a little bit after having sex. You should really do yourself a favor and think beyond the old t-shirt, rag, or box of Kleenex you normally turn to though. Baby wipes work infinitely better when it comes to dealing with such matters. They’re not just faster, simpler, and more hygienic. They leave you feeling (and smelling) a lot fresher afterwards to boot. 


  1. Shamelessly take control of your sexual health.


How someone manages their sexual health is probably one of the most personal (and important) decisions they’ll ever make about their body. Do what works for you as far as your chosen method of birth control, STI prevention plan, and so forth. You don’t have to do what your best friend, mom, or the rest of society thinks is best. So long as whatever you choose is proven safe and effective, it’s an option.


  1. Never be afraid to communicate.


Your partner isn’t psychic, nor should they be expected to be. Even the most intuitive lovers really need a little communication when it comes to what you do and don’t like in bed. That said, never be embarrassed about giving feedback or making suggestions about how to change things up. If you truly don’t know what you want in bed or fully understand how your body likes to be touched, definitely consider investing in a good sex toy and doing a little extracurricular research on your own.


  1. Start sleeping naked.


If you and your partner aren’t already doing this, there’s no time like the present to start. Not only does sleeping skin to skin with your partner trigger the release of feel-good hormones that help you both sleep better, but it’s an easy way to encourage yourselves to have sex more often. 


  1. Get your pillows involved.


Never underestimate the power of something as simple as an angle change. Even slight shifts can be absolute game changers and you don’t have to be a Kama Sutra master to reap the benefits either. Something as simple as putting a pillow or two underneath your hips can result in a mind-blowing difference. There are truly useful cushioned wedges out there that open your options up even more as well.


  1. Be a little vocal.


Naturally no two people are really going to be the same when it comes to this, but it honestly never hurts to make a little noise in bed. Not only does it feel liberating and freeing to you, but it helps your partner know that whatever they’re doing at the moment is totally working like gangbusters.


  1. Get in the habit of peeing after sex.


Whether or not you’re prone to UTIs, peeing after sex will make sure that they’re never much of a problem for you. The simple act of peeing helps flush potentially harmful bacteria out of your urinary system, drastically reducing your chances of an infection developing. It’s not just a good idea to do this after sex with a partner either. Bacteria can migrate during masturbation or a little play session with your favorite toy as well.


  1. Be open about fetishes and kinks.


There’s nothing quite like the feeling of knowing you can really open up to someone about your personal kinks and fantasies, so definitely consider opening that door with your partner if you haven’t already. It’s fine to keep some things to yourself but talking about others can bring you two closer together. You never know when your partner might decide to help you make a fantasy come true either. And you should consider adding some fetish gear to the mix as well.  Try it and see!