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Tommy Gunn Cyberskin Penis Extension

Tommy Gunn Cyberskin Penis Extension

Product #: TO1101020
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Customer Reviews:
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Customer Reviews

  1. Amazing and fulfilling!!! Review by Peter

    I don't want to let my husband know about it since I complained when he first started toying with the extender, but now I cannot wait for him to use it. I am actually disappointed when he does not put it on but does not want to tell him out of fear that he will feel that I reject his thin cock. I at least know that it is still his cock in me as well. The stretch it gives my vagina makes me climax over and over. Sex has never been so great!!! (Posted on 7/12/12)

  2. She likes it! Review by Mr. Average

    My wife is very shy and she won't even look at toys like this. It took a while to get her to try it. Finally, she gave in but the first time was a little rough - I could only get a few inches in her and she wanted to stop.

    The second time I warmed her up with a smaller toy first and when we got to this one, she eventually took it ALL. Afterward, she was trying to act like it wasn't a big deal (and she "likes my dick better"), but I could tell she was having a VERY good time when it was buried deep. Just knowing that big fucker was in her up to my balls pulled my trigger quickly. What a turn on! She won't talk about old boyfriends and their sizes, so I assume that means I'm not the biggest she's had. Pretty sure I am now though :)

    Later I tried to get her to look at it and she wouldn't. I held it up next to my dick and put her hand on me and then on it..."Holy shit! It's frigging huge!" she said. "And every inch of it fit inside you" I told her. She couldn't believe it...I could tell she was turned on by the size. It's the main event here now and we always warm up with smaller stuff, it's pretty damned girthy.

    I've searched the web and I see it is SOLD OUT on every sex toy shop that lists it...I hope they didn't quit making it!

    (Posted on 6/11/12)

  3. Fantastic Review by OMG

    My wife absolutely loves this one. It stretches to about 2 1/2" wide when I'm in it and is SUPER soft. Soak it in hot water and put lots of lube on yourself before putting it on. Because of it's girth, it takes a few minutes to get it in her - really stretches her wide. She goes nuts when we're finally all in and rock'in. She loves the soft material and 2 kids later, this completely fills her up. No problem for me coming with this on, it feels great for me too!

    We have another skinnier toy for "length" (9") and this is the one we use for "girth" (I cut this one down to 8" because she couldn't take any more than that at this girth). She was reluctant to try this, but now after me pumping away for a little while to warm her up (just me to start out), she's ready for a "wardrobe change" she calls it. I need to buy another now and try a little more length!
    (Posted on 6/10/12)

  4. saved our love life Review by jenny and tom

    we have been married 12 years. We are intimate about 1 time every two months. my husband bought this to surprise me and I was surprised. We have a good relationship but with work and stress we just stopped having sex. This toy reminded me of some times I had in college with a guy of similar size and my husband knew about this because we are honest with one another about everything. That time was Ok-good, but this toy is on a different level. yes it has size but it is the control you get with your partner that makes it unbelievable. what worked for us and I would recommend is to have him put it on which is easy by squeezing the end. Then get excited however you do that. Shouldnt be a problem because this thing is very lifelike. Then have him stay in the same place until you get the first couple inches inserted which may take a few minutes. After that you can really start going and it is big but if you cant take the whole thing you should get within an inch or so because it has a softness to it. For the past couple months we use it about 2-3 times per week now and it is holding up well. And since he cares about giving me this pleasure I have started making it a point to reciprocate. Even better is I ask him to use this a few times a week but now we are intimate daily if not multiple times a day. Overall no other toy has done so much for me. Also, you need to warm up with this toy. It is too big to just start right at it. But that is half the fun. Also, I think guys just really enjoy seeing how much you can take and also to see how many times they can get you off and how easy it is with this toy. It is a must buy. Anything bigger would be painful. (Posted on 11/25/11)

  5. impressed Review by impressed

    my first disclosure is that i bought this product from another site so I dont know how this sight is but the product can't be beat. I didn't comment on the other site because they require email and a name and I dont care to have that info out there for everyone on a sex site. I dont know how everyone doesnt get one of these. Even if you dont have a man you can just use this on your own. It is not quite sturdy enough but if you put something it it then it works just fine. I put a bottle of hair product in mine and it worked like a charm. However when you use it with a partner it is earth shattering. Go slow. At first when my boyfriend showed me I told him no. He ended up tying me up one night and under the covers he did oral for a long time. Then he turned me over and retied my legs. He just held it there and I could feel it but I thought it was him. He had me so excited so I started to push back on it. To be honest it didnt go in. But then once it started I had to stop and breath... It took maybe 2-3 minutes just sitting there but then I started moving again. I knew it wasnt him because he isnt blessed in the size department. This thing is slightly bigger than the two biggest guys I was ever with though. Once moving on it I got off in about 2 minutes which was my first vaginal orgasm. The other nice thing is my boyfriend normally lasts about 3 minutes and instead we had sex for over an hour and a half. I will admit I am walking a little funny today but I would guess that I got off somewhere close to 60 times last night which also beats my record of 4 times in one day. By about half an hour you should be able to take the entire thing. I was shocked when I felt his abs start hitting me because I thought I would have only been able to take half of this thing which is initially what happened.

    In short:

    Just huge enough that it challenges you but opens new worlds in pleasure once things get going.
    stays on well compared to other extensions
    thicker than other extensions
    doesn't have the floppy head
    bf says he got off once from seeing me and feeling the squeeze and was able to keep going with it till he had another erection and I didnt even know.

    Scary to see at first. Actually turned me on but I was reluctant to try it.
    Takes care. Must clean it with water and put powder on it after to keep it soft.
    your partner might not like it. glad mine loves it.
    Just so you know it doesnt vibrate ( wasnt a problem for me because nothing has gotten me off so much as this thing)

    If you do get this thing you should definitely comment on the site. i can't imagine someone not absolutely loving this thing. (Posted on 11/23/11)

  6. omg. most amazing toy we ever used Review by hubby

    To put this shortly. The look on her face you will never forget. My wife is pretty small. She always says she only likes me and doesnt like toys. She said if she got drunk she would try it so we got drunk. After toying with it for a minute she told me to put it in. She instantly had an orgasm and was clutching the sheets. Her eyes rolled back in her head and she couldn't talk. After ten minutes she was telling me to give it to her harder. I was impressed because she doesnt normally like toys and she only weights about 115. We are both in our 20's and she hasn't had kids just so you all know. This toy can be used by all girls but I will tell you that it is bigger around than all the other cyberskin extensions on the market. You won't be dissappointed if you get this but you may be shocked by the look on your girl's face. Don't know how guys would like this cuz im not gay. As for the guys feeling, it is a little dimished. there is a squeeze because it makes your girl feel way tighter. You don't have the feeling of slipping in and out though. It could make you get off just because it is such a turn on to see how your girl reacts. After seeing her squirm I found my new favorite porn. Too bad there are no videos showing extensions in use. Even girls in porn would not be able to not have several orgasms with this thing. (Posted on 11/18/11)

  7. wow Review by lisa

    This thing is absolutely amazing. I didn't let my husband know that but I dont argue when he wants to use it. It feels real and is the thickest real extension out there. It is thicker than the normal cyberskin extensions. When the husband goes to work every day I have used it over a small didlo and I can get off almost instantly. It would be easy to have 10 orgasms a day with this. The husband loves it but I tell him I like him better. :) We have never had a toy this big and I dont want him to think I need a bigger guy but wow! The pictures don't do this thing justice. You really need to see a video of this thing in action. No I won't supply that video. I'm surprised there aren't more reviews. best extension I have ever used and can't say enough about it. (Posted on 11/5/11)

  8. update Review by john

    too big for her. but she says not to get rid of it. (Posted on 11/1/11)

  9. this thing is amazing Review by john

    I haven't used this yet with the gf, but I have tried it on. This thing is massive. If you want something bigger than the other cyberskin extensions this is your ticket. It doesnt have the same floppy head the others do. It is thicker. It has nice texture on the outside. It fits perfect and is much easier to put on... There is no need to role this thing on... this one you just squeeze the air out and everything slides in if you use cornstarch. I know the gf will be a little shy about this one so I need to think of something. Blindfold, tied up, a little drinking... who knows but it should be fun! (Posted on 10/20/11)

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